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5 Ways to Remove a Puffy Face

At Kent Chua Wedding Photographer, we think the worst thing you can ever wake up to in the morning is a puffy, swollen face. From stress, water retention to allergies, there are various reasons, which can cause one’s face to be puffed up. And when one’s face is swollen, they usually end up in a situation where they avoid looking at themselves in the mirror. This aggravates the stress. However, the good news is that puffy face is not permanent, unless it’s a medical condition. So, here is your guide on how to get rid of a swollen face, the natural way.

Adequate hydration

The notion that drinking lots of water can lead to a bloated face is a myth. In fact, it’s the other way around, dehydration and lack of adequate water intake can cause your face to be bloated. Dehydration can cause blood vessels to enlarge that can lead to water retention, especially in the face causing it to be puffy.

Reduce salt

One of the main reasons for your face to swell up is the high content of salt in the body. Salt tends to retain water in the body that causes puffiness. Avoid carbonated drinks and always look for the level of sodium content in packaged products. 2300 mg or less is enough sodium for the day, for 50 years old and below and 1500 mg for people above 50 years old.

Increase fiber intake

Increase fiber in your diet if you want to prevent your face from getting bloated. Have papaya as it helps to keep your stomach and intestines healthy, which in turn keeps your face lean. Also have fruits containing Vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants, that prevent water retention in the skin. These also help to renew the skin and give it a bright glow.


Sweat it out

Work out to lose the puffiness. Cardio and weight training will help you improve blood circulation and open up the pores. Combine this with a balanced diet and you can shed weight off your face too. You can also do exercises that target your double chin and jawline.

Massage it

Never underestimate the power of a good massage to help you rid of facial puffiness. Lubricate your face with moisturizer or a facial massage oil. Massage your entire face lightly with your fingers. This process will help you push down excessive fluid in your face to lymph nodes in the neck.




Inputs by dermatologists, Dr Reema Arora and Dr Kiran Lohia

from: Hindustantimes |5 ways to get rid of a puffy face

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