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Kent Chua Wellington Wedding Photographer



I’m Kent Chua and I’m a wedding photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I also cover Kapiti Coast, Wairarapa Region and other places in New Zealand. I specialises in engagement photography, prewedding photography, wedding photography, and elopement. 

I seek out documenting the unique ways couples celebrate love and my goal is to always capture the day purely, joyfully and honestly. I also aim to be an affordable photographer, just because wedding should be something that is enjoyable, not stressful. 

I’m thankful that my work allows me to pursue my passion for photography and let's me travel to unique places to connect, witness and document the many different ways people come together to celebrate. 

I think of my images as the building blocks of an unfolding story. They’re little moments that capture the honesty and pure emotion of a wedding day, focusing on subtlety over fanfare and vivid feeling over a visual who’s-who of a guest list. What you’ll find in my work instead are quiet interactions, stolen glances, laughter or tears in instances when people are so present they forget they’re being photographed.

Overall, I view each wedding as a collaboration with my couples. I don’t see myself as a distant observer or documentarian, focusing only what’s in front of me - I am capturing how it felt to be there too. When my couples are looking back on their photographs I want them to see a genuine depiction of who they are. For that reason, I never ask of my couples anything that isn’t honest. I’m interested only in real smiles, sincere expressions, unprompted emotions. I feel that is what gives my photographs the poetic simplicity they’re known for.

This is also what has led me to some of my all-time favorite images. I love moments when people are truly able to let down their guard and let go of their inhibitions. My intention with every shoot is to help create a sincere and intimate space where that can happen - where my couples can be themselves even amongst the chaos and anxiety of a wedding. It’s a privilege to create images that families will keep forever and above anything and everything else, I want them to look at their photographs and remember, even decades down the line, the joy and love they felt on that day. I want to create photographs that matter. 

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