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2 Tips on Taking Wedding Photos in 2020

Updated: Jan 19

Tips on Taking Wedding Photos

You may not realise it, but taking wedding photos is not as easy as you might think it is. Wedding photos may be one of the few areas of the industry where you need to be skilled at both portraits and action shots; weddings and grooms and wedding parties may sit and pose for certain pictures, but there are many other times during reception when you need to capture the action as it happens. Many don't think about this when they consider taking wedding photos for a living; they often think they can handle portraits, so they're all set up. But if you're not skilled at both aspects of the business you'll miss many opportunities and won't be appreciated as much by your clients and customers.

So when it comes to taking wedding photos, what are some things a photographer

can remember and the techniques he or she can use to improve their skills?

1) Be Creative!

One of the first keys to success when it comes to taking wedding photos is to be creative with your poses and settings. Today's brides want something that really expresses their emotions in photographs, and many are a lot more casual and fun than they were years ago. While some of the photos may be elegant and somewhat traditional, many of them are more casual and even downright stupid. Many photographers find that taking wedding photos outdoors can offer that casual feeling that the brides are waiting for and can also provide a romantic setting. A couple in a small garden or on a garden bench, sitting on a rock on the beach, or in the doorway of a very old building, can all be beautiful settings that are friendly but romantic. There are a few tricks and keys to taking wedding photos outside; you need to be aware of the light, how the wind might whip up the subjects' clothes, and you also need to be sure that no one is going to get their clothes dirty either! Grass stains are very difficult to get out of a wedding dress, so be mindful of the surroundings when posing photos.

2) Getting good action shots!

Getting good action shots is part of taking wedding photos today. When everyone dances at the reception, or the couple feeds each other a wedding cake, no one will stop and make sure you get the right shot. Just like shooting pictures at a sporting event you need to be skilled at getting that action while it's happening! When taking wedding photos at receptions, you need to be always ready to anticipate what's going to happen next. This means keeping your eyes open and your camera ready. When you take wedding photos of this nature, it'll be up to you to take the shots rather quickly as the action is over just as quickly. So taking great wedding photos can be done, but it requires some skill and some finesse, maybe more than most people realise!



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