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4 Reasons to Elope in 2020

Updated: Jan 19

Our reasons why elopement might be right for you

Let me guess, when you think of the term “elopement”, you think, too many drinks, family

disapproval, or maybe even regret? Well, as eloping becomes a more popular choice for couples looking to tie the knot, many are beginning to realize that elopement could also mean intimacy, adventure and pure romance! Ultimately, it’s all about what you’ve always dreamed of and if you’re after that big wedding party then go for it. But if you’re struggling to get excited about the special day, then maybe it isn’t you? Here are some reasons why we believe eloping is a great alternative to the traditional wedding.


When singer Kelly Clarkson eloped with Brandon Blackstock, she told ABC that her mum "was happy about it, that I wanted to do something for me because I usually walk on coals for everybody.” Remember, for many people, that the traditional white wedding just isn’t them. If you are beginning to feel like you’re putting on a show for hundreds of guests instead of hosting a celebration of your love, then maybe it’s time to turn your mind to an intimate ceremony that is authentically you? For those of you that aren’t natural entertainers or used to being the center of attention, elopement can give you that special day, unique to your love story.

Extended honeymoon

If you’re the intrepid type, it’s likely that you’ve been more excited about the honeymoon than the wedding itself. Eloping gives you the option to do the things you love on your wedding day. Love hiking, camping, travelling or climbing together? Then head to your favorite spot (or somewhere you’ve been dreaming of) to host the perfect ceremony. Life is an adventure and you’re about to begin the next, amazing chapter so why not start with it a bang? If you want to capture the precious moments, invite an elopement photographer along. Our details can be found here.

Avoiding family drama and seating plan politics

For couples that are close to their families, a big wedding can be a beautiful way to bring loved ones together, but not everyone has tight-knit family bonds. If this is the case, arranging a large do could be distressing and your wedding day is no place to resolve awkward family dynamics. On the flipside, you might have a large, close family making the ever-growing guestlist an expensive headache. Choosing to elope will help you carefully consider who you really want to be there when you tie the knot, and if that is a small group (or just you both), then eloping might be the answer.

Weddings are expensive

In New Zealand, the average wedding costs around $35,000! Could that money fund your next adventure, next home or vital childcare? If a traditional wedding isn’t high on the agenda then consider spending your hard-earned cash on your other priorities. Eloping allows you to create those special wedding memories, without the immense financial cost and without compromising on intimacy, romance and passion.



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