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3 Quick Tips on Professional Wedding Photography in 2020

Updated: Jan 19

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3 Quick Tips on Professional Wedding Photography

Do you know the difference between amateur and professional wedding photography?

Anyone with a camera who knows how to point it can call themselves a photographer and offer to shoot a wedding, but for true professional wedding photography, there's obviously going to be a lot more involved. If you're a photographer looking to start a wedding photography business or have already started one and want to improve your techniques and increase your number of clients and clients, what can you do? How can you go from being an amateur to being a true professional?

1) Be Creative

One of the secrets of professional wedding photography is to be very creative. If you're photographing children for their school yearbooks, there's not a lot of creativity involved-look at the camera subject, smile, and then click away. Sure, you might need to adjust the lighting here and there or help them with a particular pose, but it's all pretty standard. But for professional wedding photography brides, there's something a little more special and unique to expect. After all, she's going to spend literally dozens if not hundreds of hours collecting all the details she needs for a wedding, from her dress to her wedding decorations and wedding favours and everything else. Getting high-quality professional wedding photography is imperative to remind the entire family of all these important details for years to come.

2) Have Fun with Poses

Being creative with professional wedding photography means dressing up the poses for the bride and groom. Just having all of them stand up and stare at the camera expresses and conveys nothing. Today, a lot of portraits and pictures of the bride and groom sharing a kiss with the groom maybe pulling her long veil in front of them to add a romantic touch. They might be standing on their tiptoes to reach over the top of the wedding cake for another kiss. They may be standing with the groom behind the bride, his arms around his waist, staring out at the window or looking out at the sunset. These kinds of creative poses for professional wedding photography are going to be up to the photographer to control; the bride may have some ideas of her own, but of course it's not really her responsibility to direct photography. High quality professional wedding photography means that the photographer has these poses and shots planned beforehand.

3) Study the Work of Other Photographers

Do not hesitate to study the work of others when it comes to professional wedding photography. What other photographers have done through poses, angles, lighting effects, colour and contrast, and so many other elements of photography can really inspire you to do your own work. Sometimes you can even find clip art on the internet from wedding photos that work as an inspiration to your own creative professional wedding photography ideas. So remember to be artistic and creative, and to give the bride something special, so that she can treasure those photographs for a lifetime.



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