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How To Prepare For Your Pre-Wedding 

Photo shoot

Amidst all that is to be done, one can safely say that one of the highlights of any wedding is the pre-wedding photoshoot. Not only will you be able to spend some quality bonding time with your partner, these photographs will also become treasured keepsakes of your marriage for the rest of your life. After all of the necessary arrangements and bookings have been made, you’ll want to look your most beautiful or handsome (yes, men, some of this applies to you as well!) since these moments will be immortalised in photographs for posterity. In order to do that, we’ll be sharing with you some dos and don’ts in preparing for your photoshoot so that you’ll look immaculate.


Health & Wellness

It goes without saying that if you want your photos to turn out well, the subject of the photograph – in this case, you and your partner – must be in tip-top condition to begin with. As such, we’ve decided to put this as the first heading because it’s very important that you look after these areas first and foremost when preparing for your photoshoot.

Don’t: Crash-dieting.

It’s a fact that everyone looks slightly chubbier on camera than in real life. As such, you’ll probably want to lose a bit of weight so as to look better in your photos. However, as much as you’d like to shed those extra pounds, don’t crash diet, no matter how tempting it may be. Crash diets are incredibly unhealthy, and while doing so may help you lose weight in the short term, you’re far more likely to gain all of your weight back in the long run! Also, crash diets place a great deal of stress on your body and wreak havoc on your entire system. A lower metabolism, constant lethargy and increased mood swings and/or irritability are just some of the consequences of crash diets, none of which make you look beautiful – whoever’s heard of a grumpy, pretty bride?

Above all, your health should be a top priority, so don’t subject your body to such torture. Remember: this photoshoot is not the end – there’s still plenty for you to do, including the wedding day itself, where you’ll want to be at your healthiest and most radiant.

Don’t: Sudden intensive exercise.

Just as crash dieting is detrimental to your health, so is embarking on a demanding workout regimen just a week prior to your shoot. It’s not a good idea to drag your sore, aching body to the shoot since no matter how excited you were, you won’t be able to fully enjoy yourself, and this will show in your photographs. Be realistic – there’s no way you’ll be able to look like a lingerie model or get that six-pack in such a short span of time. If you’re not the type who exercises regularly, doing intensive cardio for 90 minutes daily for ten days in a row is bound to result in an injury of some sort. Even if you already exercise from time to time, be sure to not overdo it since your body won’t be able to adjust to the sudden spike in intensity. Remember, as with all things, moderation is key.

Do: Exercise regularly.

With the right gown, hairstyle and makeup as well as a good degree of self-confidence, you’ll already look beautiful in your photographs, so don’t be too hung up about losing weight! However, if you’re determined to shape up before your photoshoot, the best way to do so is through exercise. Not only will exercising help you to lose weight, the release of endorphins during exercise will also help you to release stress – something very much needed during this stressful wedding process. Not to mention, exercising gives you a healthy, natural glow that would make you the envy of all, so sweat it out from time to time and you’ll see the results.

Ideally, you should be exercising for 30 to 60 minutes at least three times a week, and if you wish to burn fat, at least 45 minutes of exercise is required. If that’s too taxing for you, start by doing low-intensity workouts, and slowly up the intensity as you go along. For example, if running is too difficult for you, try brisk-walking instead. Zumba and aerobics are also some fantastic – not to mention more fun – alternatives you can consider, especially if you sign up with friends!

Do: Eat healthily.

For those of you who are unable to exercise or simply cannot find the time to do so (or if you’re, well, lazy), there’s always the option of eating more healthily. Apart from having a balanced diet and increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, this also means having regular meals, not skipping breakfast, no suppers and drinking lots of water throughout the day. Of course, there are many more diet tips out there, but following these will be a good enough start. Just remember this golden rule: feast like a king for breakfast, dine like a prince for lunch and eat like a pauper for dinner.

Do: Sleep early.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of having sufficient sleep. Your body has a natural repair mechanism that activates only when you’re asleep, so don’t deprive yourself of rest! Even though our hectic and stressful lifestyles mean late nights and constant sleep deprivation, make getting sufficient sleep a priority, at least for a month leading to your photoshoot. While this is generally important for your health, it’s even more crucial to get ample rest before your photoshoot since this is the best way to ensure that you’ll look fresh and radiant on the day itself. Make-up can conceal some blemishes, but it can only do so much. If you want to get rid of dark eye circles, eyebags and pimples so as to achieve a clearer complexion, aim to hit the bed by 11pm every night. Your skin – and your body in general – will thank you for it.

Although we’ve covered several pointers regarding health and wellness, so much more can be said about this topic. If you’re curious to know more, we’ll be covering more beauty, health and fitness tips in subsequent articles, so do be sure to keep a lookout!


Sometimes, looking beautiful requires a bit of help. In order to give you that little push, here are some beauty tips you should take note of when preparing for your photoshoot:

Don’t: Suddenly switch skincare or makeup products.

Many of us have a standard skincare routine that we follow nightly, and there are bound to be some products that you’ve grown to rely on over the years. If these products are working well for you, then stick to them and don’t suddenly switch to a new product just days before the photoshoot, because you’ll never know what the outcome may be.

If you don’t use any skincare product or wish to update your routine, give yourself at least three to four months to experiment so that you can determine what works for you. The last thing you’d want is to have a breakout just three days before your shoot, so play it safe! This advice applies for make-up as well.

Don’t: Do anything to your face last-minute.

This goes for eyebrows and facials. Both activities leave the target area somewhat red or puffy for a while, which means you’ll need to give your skin some time for it to cool down. Have both your brows and facial done at least three days before your photoshoot so you won’t look red and swollen on the day itself.

Do: Shave.

Whether you’re male or female, you’ll need to shave. For the ladies, make sure that all traces of arm, underarm and leg hair are removed, because you’ll never know what the camera will capture. Men, having a clean-shaven look is best. If you wish to have a mustache or beard, make sure it’s neatly trimmed and well-maintained so that you’ll look presentable, not unkempt.

Do: Slap on the sunblock and avoid being under direct sunlight.

No, sunblock is not just reserved for the day itself. Protect yourself from becoming sunburnt by remembering to apply sunblock every day, especially when you go out. If you become sunburnt, nothing – not even heaps of makeup – can save you. Even if you don’t burn easily, becoming several shades darker probably isn’t a good idea since you selected your gowns in a shade that complemented you at the time, and may not look as great on a darker skin tone.

Another thing to avoid is the dreaded tan line. Nothing is more unsightly than having a tan line while you’re donning your strapless wedding gown. While this can be partially prevented by putting on sunblock, a better way to avoid getting a tan line is to avoid going out into harsh sunlight altogether. If sunbathing is your hobby, either stop doing so for several months, or be sure to wear strapless bikinis that won’t leave an obvious tan line, and that they can be easily hidden.

Photoshoot Tips

Not everyone is born a model, so here are a couple of quick tips for you to nail the photoshoot and get that perfect shot.

Don’t: Be self-conscious.

If you’re having an outdoor photoshoot, be prepared to attract the attention of passers-by and get plenty of stares and quips in the process. While some may relish the attention, this may be uncomfortable for others, particularly if you’re unaccustomed to being in the limelight. However, simply ignore these distractions and throw yourself into the moment and enjoy every minute of the shoot. Focus on your partner and the photographer; nothing else matters for now. Your photos will turn out much more beautiful and natural if you’re not worried or anxious. Just calm down and have fun!

Do: Practise your poses in front of a mirror.

This may seem like a trivial point, but don’t overlook it – it’s important to do this because not only does it make your photographer’s job easier, your photos will turn out far more natural and less awkward as well. Just as models need to work on their poses to uncover their best angle, you’ll need to try out various poses in front of a mirror to discover what works best for you. In addition, you’ll be taking couple shots, which means both you and your partner need to be equally comfortable posing for the camera. Practise your poses in front of a mirror together so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. Then, when the actual day arrives, you’ll require less choreography for your shots since it’s easier to get into position. Practice really does make perfect, so work on it!

If the article above was too lengthy of a read, we’ve neatly summarised the tips mentioned above, so here’s a quick list of what you should keep in mind:


✓Eating healthily
✓Regular exercise
✓Sleep early
✓Shave where you need to
✓Apply sunblock and avoid the sun
✓Practise your poses


✗Sudden intensive exercise
✗Suddenly try new products
✗Do any last-minute beauty treatments
✗Being self-conscious

We hope these tips have proven useful in helping you prepare for your photoshoot. They’re really not difficult to follow, so as long as you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to being in tip-top condition for your shoot. All the best and have fun on the day itself!

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