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Derek & Vicky's Wallaceville House Wedding

Wallaceville House, Upper Hutt, Wellington Wedding

3 April 2021

Makeup Artist @ianedwardsmanuales

Celebrant @Steven Sue

Derek & Vicky's Perfect Wedding: A Love Story at Wallaceville House, Lower Hutt!

Witness the enchanting love story of Derek and Vicky, where love knew no boundaries. Here's a glimpse into one of my favorite weddings of 2021, shot at the beautiful Wallaceville House in Lower Hutt.

Love Across Continents:

Derek and Vicky's love journey began on an online platform, and it took Derek all the way to Taiwan to meet Vicky for the first time, turning their virtual connection into a beautiful reality.

LEGO Love and Flower Dreams:

Derek, known as the "King of LEGO" according to his mom, crafted a LEGO version of the wedding ceremony, showcasing his creativity. Vicky's love for flowers and plants was beautifully reflected in the wedding decor, with petals and blooms adding a touch of nature's elegance.

Perfect Weather, Perfect Day:

The 3rd of April 2021 marked the rescheduled date for their wedding, and it turned out to be the perfect day. The weather was impeccable – sunny with a hint of clouds and a gentle breeze, creating a romantic atmosphere for their special day.

Surprises and Joyful Moments:

The wedding was filled with joy and delightful surprises, including an unexpected "chicken dance" during their first dance, adding a touch of humor to the celebration.

Makeup Magic by @ianedwardsmanuales:

Vicky's beauty was enhanced by the talented makeup artist @ianedwardsmanuales, adding the perfect finishing touch to her radiant look.

Celebrant Extraordinaire @Steven Sue:

Guiding them through their vows and ceremony was the exceptional celebrant @Steven Sue, adding an extra layer of warmth and meaning to their union.

Capturing Moments of Love:

As your dedicated Wellington wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing every moment of Derek and Vicky's special day at Wallaceville House, from the ceremony bathed in the perfect sunlight to the magical sunset.

Your Love Story Awaits:

Dreaming of your own perfect wedding story? Let's turn your dreams into reality. Contact Kent Chua, your Wellington wedding photographer, and let's craft timeless memories that reflect the uniqueness of your love.

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