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Loran & Chris's Heartwarming Wedding at St Patrick's, Makara, with Makara Beach Peaks!

Step into the magical celebration of Loran and Chris as they exchange vows at St Patrick's, Makara, with breathtaking photos taken at the peak of Makara Beach.

St Patrick's Serenity:

Loran and Chris's wedding unfolded in the serene ambiance of St Patrick's, Makara, creating a sacred and intimate atmosphere for their union.

Makara Beach Peaks:

Following the ceremony, we captured the essence of their love against the stunning backdrop of Makara Beach peaks, adding a touch of nature's grandeur to their wedding album.

Organized by Skinny Love Wedding:

The seamless coordination and warmth of Loran and Chris's wedding were orchestrated by the talented team at Skinny Love Wedding, ensuring every detail reflected the couple's love story.

Warm and Loving Celebration:

Loran and Chris's wedding was more than an event; it was a warm and loving celebration that radiated joy and happiness.

Capturing Moments of Love:

As your dedicated Wellington wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing every heartfelt moment, from the ceremony's serenity to the peaks of Makara Beach, creating a visual narrative that reflects the depth of their love.

Your Love Story Awaits:

Dreaming of your own heartwarming celebration? Let's craft timeless memories together. Contact Kent Chua, your Wellington wedding photographer, and let's create a visual narrative that perfectly reflects your unique love.

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Loran & Chris's Heartwarming Wedding at St Patrick's

Makara, Wellington, New Zealand

I shot Chris & Loran's Engagement last November and today it is finally the big day! 


Wedding planning & styling by @skinnyloveweddings

Celebrant @marryallthepeople (Miranda Zander)

Florist @twistedwillownz

Caker @sweetbakerynz  

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