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Jan & Tata's Aston Norwood Wedding: A Love-Filled Celebration in Upper Hutt, Wellington!


Jan & Tata's Aston Norwood Wedding

Witness the beautiful union of Jan and Tata at Aston Norwood in Upper Hutt, Wellington.

Aston Norwood Beauty: Despite the weather, the elegance of Aston Norwood provided the perfect setting for Jan and Tata's wedding celebration.

Weather Challenges, Love Triumphs:

Forced indoors due to the weather, the ceremony was an intimate indoor affair, where the love between Jan and Tata shone brighter than ever.

Nurses in Love:

Both Jan and Tata share not only a deep love for each other but also a profession as nurses, adding an extra layer of compassion to their special day.

Capturing Moments Indoors and Outdoors:

As your dedicated Wellington wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the indoor ceremony, and later, we ventured outdoors to the original ceremony location, creating a beautiful blend of memories.

Surrounded by Love:

Despite the weather challenges, Jan and Tata were surrounded by the warmth and love of their friends and family, making their wedding day truly special.

Your Love Story Awaits: Dreaming of your own love-filled celebration? Let's craft timeless memories together. Contact Kent Chua, your Wellington wedding photographer, and let's create a visual narrative that reflects the uniqueness of your love.

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