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3 Tips for Choosing Between Potential Wedding Photographers in 2020

Updated: Jan 19

3 Tips for Choosing Between Potential Wedding Photographers

How many wedding photographers have you interviewed or do you think you're going to interview your next nuptial? If you think dozens of things, you 're probably right. Wedding photography is a fun and interesting line of work , which means that there are a lot of people trying to make a living this way. So when planning your wedding, how can you choose between all the potential wedding photographers you meet or whose portfolios you browse through?

Keep in mind that many people call themselves wedding photographers, but they don't really need some kind of special licence for this kind of work as a mechanic or hairdresser does. If you think that a special licence or certification will make a difference, you might want to exercise caution. Some places will offer people a so-called certificate for wedding photographers, but that doesn't mean that those without the certificate are less qualified or that the certificate means that the other photographer knows something special.

1) Study their portfolio with critical eye

Probably the best way to choose from a wedding photographer is to study their portfolio with a critical eye. How do they look at their wedding portraits? Are they pale and boring, and do they look like everyone else? Many of today's wedding photographers are using interesting poses and effects to really dress up their portraits and photos. Posing a couple in an interesting spot, such as on a rock on the beach or on a small bench in a garden, is more popular with brides than with standard studio poses. Remember, it's up to the wedding photographers to come up with these interesting and unique poses and settings, and it shouldn't be up to you to suggest to anyone. Make sure they have the creative ability to suggest such poses and settings for your own portraits.

2) Photographer's personality

It is also important for wedding photographers to make a real impression on the personality of the bride and the wedding itself. Weddings can be formal and elegant, a casual beach affair, or anything in between. The photographs will be different for the different types of settings and for the brides themselves. If you're trying to choose between wedding photographers and one seems like he or she doesn't listen to you or is not flexible about their poses and settings, then you might need to move on. Photographs need to look as individual as you are and as your wedding will be so that your photographer needs to treat you as an individual.

3) Price

Price may be a factor in choosing between wedding photographers, but remember that you should also be able to choose between the final photos you want. No photographer should just give you a package with a "take it or leave it" attitude. Make sure that you and any family members or friends who may also want to purchase certain pictures have different packages available. If you use all of these tips when interviewing wedding photographers, you 're sure to make the right decision.

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