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3 Tips on Dressing Up Your Wedding Photo Poses

Updated: Jan 19

Tips on Dressing Up Your Wedding Photo Poses

Do you know the true key to unique and memorable wedding portraits? Usually, it's a

wedding photo pose. There's a lot that photographers can do with lighting and other effects, but usually everything starts with the pose and angle of the photo itself; if they're not unique and original and expressive, then there's not much else that a photographer can do to improve the image. So how can you dress up your wedding photo poses to make them unique and personal?

1) Give up boring poses

For one thing, give up on those boring poses that have the subject looking directly at the camera. Some brides still want the lineup of everyone at the wedding party and their immediate family, but once you have these photos you want to dress up your wedding photo poses. The bride should be pictured on her own for some photos; romantic shots may be from her sitting for a quiet moment before the ceremony, perhaps looking out of the window or out into the distance. This can express how she prepares herself for her new life and enjoys one last moment of solitude. She might also want some shots of herself with her mother or her bridesmaids as they prepare for the ceremony. These types of wedding photo poses can be happy and stupid or very sweet and familiar. Whatever theme or tone you 're sure you want to make sure the poses are unique; don't just let everyone stand there and smile at the picture. Use a mirror to convey that they are getting ready before the ceremony, or that the mother is helping the bride with her veil or dress. The bridesmaids can do the same thing, or they can help the flower girls get ready. These candid but planned wedding photo poses are a particularly sweet touch to the wedding package.

2) Use outdoor setting

Use outdoor settings to make your wedding photo poses. If there is a building nearby that has an interesting outdoor feature, such as a large wooden door or a cobblestone walkway, use this in the photos. For using a walkway, let the bride and groom walk away from the camera so that you can convey that they're going into their new life together. If you use that large wooden door, your wedding photo poses may include a groom opening the bride's door or carrying her over that threshold.

3) Study poses from other photographers

When putting the bride and groom together for wedding photo poses, this is where creativity comes into play. They can be stupid by holding a hand to the camera as they kiss, as if they were sneaking one in their hands. The groom can put his top hat on the bride, or he can pull his long veil in front of them. Study the wedding photo poses you see in other photos and what the photographer did to dress them up and use it as an inspiration for your own photos. By doing so, you 're going to come up with some pictures that are unique and original.

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