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4 Tips for Running a Successful Wedding Photography Business in 2020

Updated: Jan 19

Tips for Running a Successful Wedding Photography Business

If you're interested in running a successful wedding photography business, you've probably already registered your name with your county clerk 's office or local government and now you just need to get started. There are some things you need to remember when it comes to being successful in any business effort, but of course a wedding photography business has its own particular challenges. Here are a few quick tips to be successful with your business.

1) Fair pricing

For one thing, remember that even if you do this part-time and work with friends and family, you still want to do your wedding photography business like a business. Please quote a fair price and make sure that you follow through with your appointments. Put everything in writing and make sure that your paperwork is always in order.

2) Set aside apart of your home for your business!

As with any business, you may want to set aside a part of your home specifically for your wedding photography business. Having a separate filing cabinet to keep all the paperwork together and file it by the name of the customer so that if someone asks a question about their bill or something else you can find things easily and easily. You may also want to have a separate phone line installed or to get a separate cell phone for the wedding photography business itself. Nothing is more annoying to the customer than to have their photographer's child answer the phone or lose a message because an irresponsible family member did not make a note of it. This also means that you're not supposed to try to do your wedding photography business with a child crying in the background, or when you're distracted by other things. Your client or customer will expect your full attention and it's certainly not a good business practice to have to yell over distracting noise in the background or to be stopped simply because you need to do something else at the same time.

3) A small studio space

Many brides are expecting to pose for wedding portraits even before the actual wedding day, so you may also need a studio space for your wedding photography business. This doesn't need to be a fancy thing, but it should be both presentable and professional. They may need a place to change, and of course they will need a good mirror to check their hair and makeup as well. Remember that your wedding photography business will compete with many other established businesses that have studio space and professional staff, so you need to make sure you have these things as well.

4) Treat it like a business

The real key to success in running a wedding photography business is to treat it as a business. Spend time searching for new customers and calling up former clients just to let them know that you appreciate their referrals. As with any other business, you 're just going to get what you put in your wedding photography business. Lack of professionalism will mean a lack of customers, but being more professional means more customers.

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