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Some Artistic Wedding Photography Tips in 2020

Updated: Jan 19

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If you've ever seen wedding photographs from decades ago, you might realise that everything about weddings has been documented, but you can't really call pictures of artistic wedding photographs. Many years ago, it was even considered bad taste or rude manners to smile for a photograph, so no wonder wedding photos were soft and boring!

But today, brides and grooms are planning weddings that are personal and unique and nothing like their parent's or grandparent's weddings, and, of course, some artistic wedding photographs are expected to complement the personality of weddings and receptions.

Composing artistic wedding photography and taking unique photos isn't as hard as some people might think it is. There are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to take your photos from soft and boring to absolutely stunning.

For one thing, start by studying the artistic wedding photographs of others that you see and that really catch your eye. What about the photos that appeal to you? Is that an unusual pose for the bride and groom?

Nowadays, many have portraits where subjects either face a different face than a camera, or for wedding portraits they're actually walking away. This can express how they're heading out to their new life together. Remember that artistic wedding photography usually begins with the subject in the photos, so don't settle for common or average poses. Study how the others dressed their photos like this as an inspiration to your own.

Keep in mind that even the most artistic wedding photographs should still reflect the personality of the bride and groom and the wedding as a whole. If the couple is very funny and whimsical, and you insist on having those elegant poses, it's just not going to work well. The opposite is true as well-some are so concerned with fun and stupid but artistic wedding photography that they don't realise they're making the couple uncomfortable or they're not matching the theme and tone of the wedding. A ceremony and reception at an elegant country club will probably mean that the couple won't want

to throw a beach ball between them, but the beach wedding should be treated a bit more casually.

Practice the elements of an artistic wedding photograph. Go to your garden and take photos of flowers and flowers and pay attention to how different colours and contrasts

can make them "pop." Remember this when taking wedding photos, as some forget to get contrasting colours in a shot.

You'll also need to manipulate some of your artistic wedding photographs; place settings and move flowers or candles closer to each other if necessary. You can also practise this at home by buying cheap items at a discount store and putting them on your own table or in your studio. This way, you can really hone your artistic wedding photography talents even before you get to the wedding, and you can be sure to make some really good photos.

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