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2 Reasons Why Opt for Black and White Wedding Photography in 2020?

Updated: Jan 19

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Decades ago, a man named Thomas Edison came up with a way for carbon to capture dark and light images on film, so that it could be transferred to paper, and photography was born. Of course, those images were not accurate and could not yet capture colour, so black and white wedding photography was the only option that couples would have had if they could afford photography at all.

Of course, as with all other inventions, scientists worked and worked to improve photography and how light was captured, so that colour could soon be transferred to the film rather than just dark and light images. For many black and white wedding photographs, they had become a thing of the past as they saw full colour photos that were very real and lifelike, and that seemed to really capture the events as they had happened. Today, cameras can literally capture and transfer thousands and thousands of different shades and shades of colour and, of course, digital and high-definition videos have improved this location even more. So why would any bride want to opt for black and white wedding photography for her big day with lifelike images so readily available?

1) They are more forgiving

There are a couple of reasons to consider. For one thing, if you don't have the clearest skin, or if you have some lines, wrinkles, splotches, acne, and other flaws (and who doesn't have those things?) you might not want photos that are so lifelike! Even without black and white wedding photographs, many brides pay to have their photographers

touch their photographs and remove some imperfections on the faces of all their subjects. But black and white wedding photography is a bit more "forgiving" than standard colour photography. It doesn't pick up as many details on one's face and can

naturally smooth the skin and erase those tiny lines and other flaws. However, this is not the only reason why many brides choose this option.

2) Timeless

The bride is always advised to choose elements for her wedding that will be timeless.

You can look at a wedding photograph and immediately know the exact year of the wedding from fashion and hairstyles! What's fashionable today may seem tired and downright tacky tomorrow. But black and white wedding photography seems to give an air of timelessness to weddings. It's as if it's reminiscent of a more romantic age, before all our modern technology and busy lifestyles made everyone a part of the "rat race." For many, black and white wedding photography is romantic and traditional and adds an air of elegance to even the most casual of weddings.

Many brides today choose both full-color and black and white wedding photos for their wedding photo package. Since most photos are developed on computers rather than from actual film, photos can easily go from one to the other without being destroyed.

So talk to your photographer or, if you take the photos, add some of these types of shots to your portfolio.

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